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The third largest Emirate, Sharjah, offers a cultural experience unlike any of its neighbours, with its own special blend of luxury, relaxation and Arab tradition.

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Business in Sharjah

With its established commercial infrastructure and easy access to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah remains an attractive seat of business with outstanding investment opportunities.
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Sharjah Pleasures

Renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, Sharjah offers the full immersion experience of butterflies and beaches, diving and dunes, luxurious hotels and world class cuisine.
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Live Sharjah

With the city of Sharjah on your doorstep, white sand between your toes and the warmth of ancient cultural heritage all around you, the Emirate of Sharjah is not just a place but a way of life.
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Love Sharjah

UNESCO’s Arab Capital of Culture, Sharjah truly is a jewel of the UAE, rich with heritage and opportunities for discovery, pleasures and adventure.

The No 1 Sharjah Story

Inspired by the wealth of history and culture of Sharjah, we created No 1 Sharjah to be a showcase for the very best of this stunning Emirate, dedicated to providing the most beautiful imagery and freshest perspectives of Sharjah’s rich heritage and strong identity. No 1 Sharjah is truly a celebration of excellence.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to No 1 Sharjah and that you will check back regularly for our updates.
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Best in Sharjah

Discover the best hotels, restaurants, shopping and leisure facilities in Sharjah, UAE.


No 1 Sharjah Hotels

Find the very best hotels in Sharjah. We will be updating our No 1 Sharjah Blog regularly on the best hotels in Sharjah, so check back soon!


No 1 Sharjah Restaurants

Find the very best restaurants in Sharjah. We will be updating our No 1 Sharjah Blog regularly on the best restaurants in Sharjah, so check back soon!


No 1 Sharjah Shopping

Find the very best shopping in Sharjah. We will be updating our No 1 Sharjah Blog regularly on the best shopping in Sharjah, so check back soon!


No 1 Sharjah Beaches

Find the very best beaches in Sharjah. We will be updating our No 1 Sharjah Blog regularly on the best beaches in Sharjah and the best water activities in Sharjah, so check back soon!

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